Complex Courtroom Graphics

Over the years, our trial graphics have helped attorneys tell all kinds of stories--and hammer home the details of oil and gas disputes, patent infringement, and commercial litigation. Additionally, we have repeatedly created customized graphic presentations and animations that clarify concepts relating to construction litigation, maritime law, personal injury, patent infringement, product liability, and more.

We have a successful strategy for creating highly effective graphical presentations. At Complete Trial Graphics, we start by listening closely to understand the details of your case and the story you need to tell. We work to gain a thorough understanding of your case-- potential themes, challenges, the case’s assets and strategies for winning. After performing a comprehensive review of all of the initial information, we provide creative, insightful consulting, and the best visual options based on decades of experience creating trial graphics. Complete Trial Graphics can suggest unique visual solutions for each case’s specific features and create visual demonstratives to support your messages. Lastly, we translate your data into visuals to create impactful custom trial presentations.