Litigation Animation & Illustrations

When do you need trial graphics in the form of a 3D technical illustration or perhaps a medical animation? It may be necessary for a judge and jury to see an illustration depicting the inside of a person’s body, an object, or a structure. For example, a medical animation would be helpful if you need to show how a drug affects certain organs or to reveal the mechanics of pins in a client’s shoulder after an accident. An example of a 3D technical illustration would be a demonstrative that shows the inner workings of an oil and gas drilling rig and the ability to pinpoint components that did or did not function properly. Regardless of the subject, when a case requires you to show internal structures and processes, 3D illustrations and animations are often the only way to portray the concept with clarity.

Other times, you may need to re-enact what happened. A visual story is more likely to be understood and have a strong, lasting impact on viewers. Consider technical or medical animations you have seen on top investigative television shows. You may not remember many details about the case, but you can probably recall some of those visuals even now.

Many of our clients utilize our visual litigation support services to develop re-enactments. Animations of dynamic event sequences—such as a motor vehicle accident, gas explosion, or a medical mishap—are powerful tools in both mediations and trials. All the variables of the animated trial graphics come together to expose positioning, timing, interactions, and other essential facts.

Yet another way you can effectively utilize technical and medical animations or a series of illustrations is to educate your audience. For example, if you need to discuss the detailed process of horizontal drilling, illustrations or animations can be the trial graphics that make the difference.

Litigation animations are invaluable to our clients when there is a need to re-enact what happened in complicated situations. Whether your case involves oil and gas, medical malpractice, an auto accident, patent infringement, construction litigation or product liability, you can count on us to have experience with it. We create highly professional and effective technical and medical animations that you can rely on in trial to drive your message home.