Litigation Timelines

At Complete Trial Graphics, we have extensive experience in the litigation support services field creating custom demonstratives such as litigation timelines built with your evidence in mind. You tell us the point you need to prove, and we create a graphic focused on conveying your message to judges and jurors.

When utilizing trial graphics in the courtroom, portraying details of what happened and when these incidents happened can be the evidence that favorably tips the scale for a judge or jury. Sometimes the calculation of a few minutes might make a difference in a case; other times the total number of years from point A to point Z might be the winning detail. When we create graphical presentations where timing is crucial, we evaluate what the attorney indicates is the most important information regarding the chronology of events and build a custom timeline. Aside from exhibits and depositions, timelines are the most common strategic evidence used in  trials. Even when a case does not require numerous or complex legal graphics, timelines are an excellent tool to use when you want to reveal the “big picture.”

Our clients often use the timeline demonstratives we have created as road maps for their case. It is much easier to keep jurors’ full attention if they can follow along with a visual that builds, day by day, before their eyes. Whether the timelines are stand-alone demonstratives or within graphical presentations, they are excellent tools for simplifying the main point as well as validating the facts with exhibit numbers that are referenced on each entry.

From beginning to end, we listen carefully to your story, gather a thorough understanding of your case’s goals, arrange data in a favorable format, and build a timeline that reveals the winning, streamlined information that will help you prove your argument.

We have impacted countless high-dollar favorable verdicts with our visual litigation support services. Some of the industries we have served are oil and gas, divorce law, construction law, medical malpractice suits, patent infringement suits, business law, breach of contract suits, breach of fiduciary duty suits, corporate law, intellectual property law, business tort law, and estate disputes.