Nancy Rose - Complete Trial Graphics

Nancy Rose
Owner of Complete Trial Graphics

For over twenty years, Nancy Rose has helped set the industry standard for sophisticated and compelling litigation visuals. As the founder of Complete Trial Graphics, Nancy continues to be a leader in the evolution of graphics for litigation support. She co-founded Courtroom Concepts, a Texas-based visual litigation company successfully serving law firms across the state. Nancy kept her company at the forefront by designing, developing, and producing cutting-edge graphics.

Over the past two decades, the legal industry dramatically increased the use of graphics in the courtroom. During this same period, the quality of graphics improved as well—partly due to technological advances. Nancy had a pivotal role during this evolution. She kept pushing the envelope by creating high-end graphics that make an impact and get results. Nancy did this by keeping pace with technology and continually staying a step ahead. Her approach was innovative. Her clients experienced first-hand the importance of having high-end graphics--it made a difference when it counted most. Time-after-time, Nancy helps her clients have favorable outcomes and settlements.

When stakes are high and the facts are complicated, litigators look to Nancy Rose and her team to create dynamic, informational, and complex graphics to get their points across. Nancy has a strong understanding of how graphics affect an audience. Over the past decades, she has seen first-hand and studied the physiological impact of how graphic work affects jurors, judges, and other decision makers.

Clients also benefit from Nancy’s insight into how people relate and respond to visuals based on years of experience with the business side of Facebook (including ads), creating sales funnels, online marketing and sales, managing the development of websites, and LinkedIn design and marketing.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Houston, Nancy recently completed the year-long Global Leadership Program instructed by world-renowned author and speaker Lisa Nichols, and authored a book about how to create a healthier, happier, and more purposeful life.