Top 10 Tips for Creating a Successful Litigation Timeline

Litigation Timelines

A successful timeline can help you can connect with the jury so that they can understand your side of the story. Aside from exhibits and depositions, timelines are the most common strategic evidence used in trial. Even when a case does not require numerous or complex legal graphics, timelines are an excellent way for you to reveal the big picture.

Based on our decades of collective experience in the litigation field, we have carefully analyzed the process of creating timelines and have come up with our “Top 10 Tips for Creating a Successful Litigation Timeline.”

Think BIG Picture

Lawyers often work on a particular case for years. When this happens, every piece of evidence begins to seem critical. While all evidence is important, not all data should appear on a timeline. Deciding what to include may not be an easy task. You will have to take a step back, be ruthless with the entries, and think BIG PICTURE. What information is absolutely necessary to summarize your account of what happened?