What’s Your Jurors’ Learning Style?


Over the past several decades technology has reinvented the way we intake knowledge, which affects how jurors are hearing, seeing and understanding evidence and ideas.

There is no doubt that technology affects learning styles, but it wasn’t until we studied these graphics that we realized the vast differences in the way various generations learn. The screen shots below were taken from an infographic created by HostGator.com.

The various generations we will be discussing today are:

“Baby Boomers: Post WWII baby boom, born roughly 1946-1964
Generation X: Born early to mid. 1960’s to early 1980’s
Generation Y: Often called the Millennials. Born 1980 to late 1990’s
Generation Z: Name undecided. Born early 2000’s and on.”

millennial jurors



First, let’s take a look at how the various generations have adapted to technology. See the screen shot below and notice that “90% of millennials use the Internet.” Also, note that “20% of millennials have posted a video of themselves.”

What that means: Millennials are accustomed to having a great deal of highly engaging data at their fingertips. This means they are likely to be more receptive to video depositions and informational graphics rather than a large amount of text displayed on the courtroom screen.

Millennial jurors


Social Media:

On the next screen shot, you will see that an astounding “75% of millennials use a social networking site.”

What that means: Millennials are sharing more information on social media than generations in the past. This increases the possibility of jurors in this age group innocently sharing information about the case when they are serving as jurors. Keep this information in mind when instructing jurors about NOT discussing the case at hand. Instructions, now more than ever, should be specific and clear because the perceived boundaries are different than they used to be.

millennial jurors social media


Main Source of News:

One final set of statistics we will share with you is how the various generations get their main source of news. Check out the chart below and note that for millennials, their dominant source of news has become the Internet. This chart shows that only 30% of Baby Boomers use the Internet for their main source of news while Generation X is 53% and Millennials are 59%.

What this means: Your jurors have access to much more information that could be related to your case than with traditional news. In addition, this information demonstrates that as younger jurors are in your jury box, they may expect a higher level of engagement and information. They are accustomed to more than just words. The Internet is filled with high-end infographics, complex charts, timelines, videos and animations.

millennials main source of news jurors


This blog covered a few useful statistics from this infographic. If you want more information­­­­­­­, click on the source link at the bottom of the page.

The bottom line is that knowing more about your jurors will give you an advantage in the courtroom.

Knowledge is power!